Sunday, September 26, 2010

you blink we think ;) !

Can't Say more then i'm impressed ! great job blink ;) ..

Just wow :) 
I loved the idea of the site once i sow it but now that i tried it
 " blink i will be your loyal customer "!
I ordered a 64 GB/3G i-Pad @ 8 p.m
Got it @ 9:15 p.m same day and have i mentioned free delivery !
You can pay by k-net /visa/master on line 

Amazing SERVICE !
I don't think you can get the i-pad for less any where here in Kuwait !
I'm not sure about the other products though ! but they look reasonable 

Bravo blink :) hope you always keep up your high standards ..
So if your looking for i-pads or i-phones or mac's for a gift blink is where to go :) 

I-pad 64 GB/3G  Price Tag : 309 K.d

Want to make your gift even more special ?
 do a personalized wrapped box with Wrapping Mania ;)


  1. it is a copy of ;) open both sites and see the creativity

  2. It's their service i like :) it's not a new concept of course .. but they are great locally

  3. Even if they copied, see the benifits for locals and copying the best in industry is not bad :)

  4. Its e commerce, it means online business, most website are the same design and shape, its not a copy from my point of view :D

    They are doing really good advertisments every where!

  5. have you ever tried ?