Friday, September 24, 2010

Let the Game begin !!!

You want something different and unusual ,something that will make the day unforgettable 
Why not play a game as a gift ;) ..

The idea of the game is about arranging a customized adventure where teams have to look for clues around Kuwait. You experience lots of unexpected situations that you have to overcome all while having fun and breaking one's daily routine.
It's like a treasure hunt .. i've played it before it was really nice ! expect the un expected :P however, if your shy ask them not to do embarrassing stuff like singing to total strangers :P..
It's a really nice gift for him or her to play with friends or family 

Cost: 25 K.D for person 

They can arrange it any where in city or even shalaih area :) 
it's would be a gift that it's different ..
For more info K-Lue

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