Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just what you need !

Just what Every Girl NEEDS :-) 
Always lovely to give your best gals a chance to be pampered and spoiled 
& what better then a special manicure and pedicure from bubbles !
Every girl deserves to feel special :-) 

You can always put some other stuff with the Voucher such as cake products or new hit colors from zoya nail polish or even some products of bath and body works :) 

Why i love Bubbles? 
- Cleanness ( every thing is disposable and what's not disposable is sterilized !) 
- They have amazing treatments that worth every fils ( their products are really good) 
- They have a great big selection of Nail polish colors from Zoya and O.P.I 
- Their location <3 Very quite and convenient with a parking building 
- Appointments are always punctual 

I would suggest for a gift :

Milk and Honey Heaven (mani and pedi)   
Amazing Hot Stone (mani and padi) 
Glow treatment (mani and padi )

Price Tag :  27 K.D

Bubbles Nail Spa 
Burj Jassim 


  1. i tried the milk and honey , 3ajeeeeb

  2. yaaa i agree ! it's the best .. bs try glow too waaayd nice and moisturizing :P