Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mugs .. Mugs ..Mugs :)

Wikipedia defines a Mug as a sturdily built type of cup often used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffeetea, or hot chocolate :P 

Mugs would make a cute useful gift for her/his birthday or an office welcoming gift 

you can add some chcolates or fill it with roses or just wrap in a box :) ..

Here are some of the cute mugs you can find online 

Price Tag : 8.5 K.D

Price Tag : 4  K.D 

This is so cute a picture mug 
Price Tag : 4.5 K.D

You can fin these @  Lamercato

Smart Women thirst for knowledge mug 
Price Tag: 4.5 K.D 

Price Tag : 8 K.D 

Customized bling bling Mugs 
Price Tag : 18 K.D



  1. WOW
    I'm addicted to mugs :$
    i have a big collection :D

  2. Glad u Like them Roro ..Wow we Share the same Last name LOOL ;*

  3. thank u wrappingmania for ur support

  4. waaay 7adaa oboo ilzawaqaan il wing cup

  5. Suzani : it's my pleasure :-)

    Noon: ee so cute :D

  6. Thanks for your support =)

    The BFF Mug price is 4 KD

    We @ would like to send you a free text mug as a gift.

    Please contact us @ with the mug you like (Text mug) and your address please.

    Thank you =)

  7. I'm sorry for the mistake ;) i will correct it now !
    I like your site .. you have many options for gifts and things to buy for my self ;) i really wish you all the best Lamercato ;)