Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tiffany ;*

Another lavish gift !
too lavish if i may say :)

It's a very unique pendent with diamonds ,yet, i feel it's too expensive
Bel kuwaiti " ma ybayn se3ra " !
However, i would love to get a gift like this :P ..

Price Tag : 2100 K.D 

Available in Tiffany Salhiya branch 

Another piece i found on-line is Tiffany shopping bag , i didn't see it here in the shop 

Price Tag : 3,500 $ 


  1. hahaha wedi bs i think it's too much :)

  2. Good, cuz I thought you wanted me to buy it for you :P

  3. afaaaaa 3aleech anaaa ayeblichyaha