Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bath and Body Works

I believe they have the best bath products ever :)
Many blogs mentioned that they've opened a small shop in shamiya co-op
I'm guessing it's not an authorized retailer that's why the name & the price difference .. any ways if you consider taxes , weight and custom fees than the prices would make sense

Here are some of the products i like

Price Tag : 3.5 K.D
this is the best oil they have the smell stays in the room and has a very strong essence not like the other ones 

Black Amathyst shower gel 

Price Tag : 5 K.D (after discount)

Body spray 
Price Tag: not sure is it 5-6 K.D

You can find some of the products on-line in kuwait and cheaper here 

P.s: i'm not a big fan of giving something with a specific smell to someone unless i'm very close and know what they like ! cause maybe they don't like specific smells like vanilla and you wouldn't know .. so it can be a little tricky ;) !
P.s 2: Always remember presentation is everything ! so when u choose your gifts put them all in a box and wrap them .. 
we can always personalize your wrapping at wrapping mania :) and make your gift never forgotten