Monday, September 13, 2010

Roses TO BE Remembered :)

Never under estimate the power of Roses ! it Can make a sad heart smile , and happy heart dance of joy !
it's in my humble opinion "a never go wrong gift" 
And to add to it's value more u can even personalize it with a sweet msg , name or 
a personal picture! I got to say i love the idea

Roses Remembered is Specialized in personalization of roses,tulips ,many other flowers or even apples :D !

Price Tag : 1 rose in a box is 5 K.D , any additional one will be 2 K.D 

(The box include long leaves inside the box, fresh petals and a printed rose in a water tube.  In addition to that, the box is wrapped with colored ribbon and attached to  a fresh printed leaves as the picture)

p.s: I like this simple trio roses.I believe the less roses ( if personalized) the nicer it would be. Too many is not always better  and bigger is not always more valuable ;) 
Always remember "the thought that count " :)

Here are some of my other picks 

They do it for Wedding favors or baby reception gifts  too

Orders should be 3 days in advance 

Or Call # 97100772

and make your Roses Remembered ;)