Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lovely inspiration :)

I found these in pottery barn kids :P 
but it's a lovely gift for adults too ;) 
Strong words that lift the spirt up!

Price Tag:    Fly  6.5 K.d
                             Laugh: 7.900 K.d
                             Dream 9.250 K.d
                                 Imagine 10.900 K.d

Note: Make sure you know the color of the person's room (3ashan ma eytwahgoon feeha)

pottery barn # 22233733


  1. i love your blog and style ;*** a7ss your blog mofeed bel nesbaa ley , keep it up sis ;*
    saway lena a post 3an 7aj give aways oo gifts plzzzzz 7adee metwahgaa

  2. Thaanks ;* glad u find it useful ;) ! hatha aham shy ;* trying to make it a reference for what ever occasion u have :)..
    Enshallaa walaa eyhmich :-)

  3. ma et8a9reen wallah , u are right it does feel like a reference for great gifts ;)
    cant wait for your post