Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cake of the day !

Waaay zooqa zooqa zooqa <3
Dedicated to all LADUREE lovers ;) 

This cake was done by the creative people at  Crumbs 
Tel:  55-278627

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gelato Karts

* this picture is from November

Cuute :) ! it's Lovely for an outdoor event 
Chose from a 6 bin or 9 bin kart and your favorite Scoop flavors  

Scoop a cone

For more info # 24613877 or 97261508

Monday, September 27, 2010


You want to give a bracelet as a gift here are some options ;) 
Vita Fede Triple wrap bracelet 
Price Tag: 38 K.D 

Price Tag: 15 K.D
Soho Hearts
Price Tag: 14.5 K.D

If you Want to be Happy... Be Bracelet
Price Tag: 15 K.D

Rare Prints Sunglasses

I like these rare prints sunglasses ! they are so in ! especially for the little ladies ;) 
Price tag: 48-52 K.d 

Where you can find them ?
I sow some in Hassen Optics 
and in Sunglass Hut 
i think they are sold in most sunglasses shops as well ;)

A gift for a lovely fashionista

Ibrah edited collection 

A Lovely gift for a fashionista ;) !

Price Tag: 15 K.d

Sunday, September 26, 2010

you blink we think ;) !

Can't Say more then i'm impressed ! great job blink ;) ..

Just wow :) 
I loved the idea of the site once i sow it but now that i tried it
 " blink i will be your loyal customer "!
I ordered a 64 GB/3G i-Pad @ 8 p.m
Got it @ 9:15 p.m same day and have i mentioned free delivery !
You can pay by k-net /visa/master on line 

Amazing SERVICE !
I don't think you can get the i-pad for less any where here in Kuwait !
I'm not sure about the other products though ! but they look reasonable 

Bravo blink :) hope you always keep up your high standards ..
So if your looking for i-pads or i-phones or mac's for a gift blink is where to go :) 

I-pad 64 GB/3G  Price Tag : 309 K.d

Want to make your gift even more special ?
 do a personalized wrapped box with Wrapping Mania ;)

Lovely inspiration :)

I found these in pottery barn kids :P 
but it's a lovely gift for adults too ;) 
Strong words that lift the spirt up!

Price Tag:    Fly  6.5 K.d
                             Laugh: 7.900 K.d
                             Dream 9.250 K.d
                                 Imagine 10.900 K.d

Note: Make sure you know the color of the person's room (3ashan ma eytwahgoon feeha)

pottery barn # 22233733

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Cake for a Coffeholic ;)

This cake was ordered from Opera for my lovely friend who loves coffee especially Starbucks :D
Just like me :P

Thanks M ;**

For more info Call Opera # 22407700

Friday, September 24, 2010

Let the Game begin !!!

You want something different and unusual ,something that will make the day unforgettable 
Why not play a game as a gift ;) ..

The idea of the game is about arranging a customized adventure where teams have to look for clues around Kuwait. You experience lots of unexpected situations that you have to overcome all while having fun and breaking one's daily routine.
It's like a treasure hunt .. i've played it before it was really nice ! expect the un expected :P however, if your shy ask them not to do embarrassing stuff like singing to total strangers :P..
It's a really nice gift for him or her to play with friends or family 

Cost: 25 K.D for person 

They can arrange it any where in city or even shalaih area :) 
it's would be a gift that it's different ..
For more info K-Lue

Simple "New Home gifts "

Practical gifts that everybody can use . Suits every home and taste in my opinion!

Set of 6 glasses , Hand made comes in 3 colors (blue ,yellow and red )
I personally like the yellow one that's decorated with " Kaf"

Price Tag : 10 K.D 

You can fin it in Hadeya Station

Another choice would be this plexi set of tables that every house can use

Price Tag: 53 K.D

A set of two silver and gold flasks, written in English with crystals "Tea" & "Coffee

Price Tag: 80 K.D

@ Hadeya Station

or personalize your own (can be done in arabic or english)
 for further info  I Love Suzani 
or e-mail:

Salvaged vintage plates with letter decals (LOVE). Hang them on the wall or display them on a plate stand

Price Tag: 50 K.D 

Horoscope T-shirts !

Although i'm not a big fan of horoscopes i found these t-shirts cute :-) 
What's nice about them they have traits and celebrities names of the same horoscope printed on the front side and an an embellished sign on the back.

Price Tag : 39 K.D
You can find them on Karkoosha 

and guess what they have fabulous gift wrapping and packaging !
Looks amazing so elegant and classy 

or you can always do a personlized box with us Wrapping Mania ;) 

 Happy Birthday to all Libra's out there :) 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dora cake

This was done by Mr. Baker ..

The result was really nice ;) and the kids just loved it .. the cake was the size of them LOL

it's really Huge !

I apologize for the quality of the pic :P ( it was from my BB)

Price Tag : 25 K.D

Telephone # 25632250


I loved this porcelain starbucks Mug !

It's a replica of the take-a-way paper cups but in white porcelain and the lid is black plastic
The guy there says it really keeps your drink hot 

Price Tag: 3.5 K.D 

Spotted in starbucks avenues however, i think it's available in all branches
Really Cute gift for him , her or an office welcoming gift :)  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just what you need !

Just what Every Girl NEEDS :-) 
Always lovely to give your best gals a chance to be pampered and spoiled 
& what better then a special manicure and pedicure from bubbles !
Every girl deserves to feel special :-) 

You can always put some other stuff with the Voucher such as cake products or new hit colors from zoya nail polish or even some products of bath and body works :) 

Why i love Bubbles? 
- Cleanness ( every thing is disposable and what's not disposable is sterilized !) 
- They have amazing treatments that worth every fils ( their products are really good) 
- They have a great big selection of Nail polish colors from Zoya and O.P.I 
- Their location <3 Very quite and convenient with a parking building 
- Appointments are always punctual 

I would suggest for a gift :

Milk and Honey Heaven (mani and pedi)   
Amazing Hot Stone (mani and padi) 
Glow treatment (mani and padi )

Price Tag :  27 K.D

Bubbles Nail Spa 
Burj Jassim 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Gift Boxes

Lovely Gift boxs from Crumbs :) 

Price range : 15-20 K.D 

Upon order 

Sometimes they can do it for the same day if they are not loaded and you call in the morning 

Call # 55-278627

A Cake idea for a chocoholic ;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mugs .. Mugs ..Mugs :)

Wikipedia defines a Mug as a sturdily built type of cup often used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffeetea, or hot chocolate :P 

Mugs would make a cute useful gift for her/his birthday or an office welcoming gift 

you can add some chcolates or fill it with roses or just wrap in a box :) ..

Here are some of the cute mugs you can find online 

Price Tag : 8.5 K.D

Price Tag : 4  K.D 

This is so cute a picture mug 
Price Tag : 4.5 K.D

You can fin these @  Lamercato

Smart Women thirst for knowledge mug 
Price Tag: 4.5 K.D 

Price Tag : 8 K.D 

Customized bling bling Mugs 
Price Tag : 18 K.D


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nespresso , what else ;) ?

This would be the best gift for Newly weds or for a New home ;) !
it can work as a birthday gift for him or an office welcoming gift too

Price Tag: 90 K.D 

I prefer buying this milk heater/foamer too so they can make cappatchino , lattes ..etc


There is also the one model that comes with the milk heater/foamer like this one 


Price Tag: 140 K.D 

Nespresso – 360 Mall – 1st level
Tel: 2530-9540
Fax: 2530-9541
HOME DELIVERY – 2492-2600

P.s: Wrapping Mania can always make your gift something to be remembered by personalizing the wrapping of nespresso with George cloony ads or name of the person you are giving the gift to :) 

you can find reviews of Nespresso on some of my favorite blogs: