Thursday, October 28, 2010

oh so cute :D

A cute and warm :P gift ! ya5tii i'm sure any kid wearing it will just look adorable ;) 

Price Tag: 34 K.D 
Available @ Shoe box (360 mall)

I-Pad cases

Bling bling I-Pad cases :) from Pick Your Tag 

Price Tag: 45 K.D

Filled with goodies !

" Filled with Lust & Love"

" Filled with goodies" <3

I forget the price sorry guys :(
Available @ Midas ( live center in Shuwaick)

It would be a nice home or office welcoming gift ;)  especially if u fill them up with cookies ! Yuum :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Personalized T & band ;)

A Cute personalized T-shirt and band done especially for your loved ones :) 
I Like the touch that the stitches on the letters add to the T-Shirt 

Price Tag: 20 K.D (band + t-shirt) 
You can order yours @ Ghazl el Banet

Located in Karizma, Sharq.
Facing Amiri Hospital.
Tel: 22 46 12 49 Ext.105
(Order takes 4-7 days)

A Cute gift for girls :)

An Activity Board

Price Tag: 9 K.D 
An excellent gift for kids ;) something useful and fun !
Available @ IKEA (avenues) 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

صوغه الحج

I know most people going to Hajj don't have time for shopping, and want to enjoy every "la7that 3ebada of Hjj". So instead of going around wasting your time looking for 9oghaa or Hajj presents why not preparing them ahead..
These are nice praying sets that i believe is a useful gift for every home! 

Praying Set 
Price Tag: 45 K.D

Praying Cloth in a matching Bag
Price Tag: 15 K.D

For many other options check out Hadeya Station 

و تقبل الله طاعتكم مقدما :)

A Ring

Continuing my series of ring addiction her is a pick from Top Shop.
 It's a tea pot! so cute !

Price Tag: 5.500 K.D (as i recall :P ) 
Available @ Top Shop (avenues)

 A nice gift for Her , and you can add to it some other accessories available from a wide selection at top shop, put them all in a box and Wrap it personal ;) !

Friday, October 22, 2010

Men i-pad cases

 A Nice Personalized gift for him :)
I-Pad Case
Price Tag: 20 K.D

A gift for a Garfield lover :)

Cute set of Pj's 
Price Tag:  6.5 K.D for t-shirt 
7.5 K.D for pants 

Available at Oysho (avenues) 
This makes a cute gift for a fun her or teenage girls :) !

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a lap top bag !

It Says " boring people use back door" :)

a Lap top bag from Tous
Price Tag: 29 K.D 

2 colors available (metallic Fushia - electric blue)

Avenues Phase 1 

cake of the day !

Imagine someone brings this as a my birthday cake ! i can see my mum's reaction LOOL she would totally freak out ! it actually looks like my finger and i had this nail polish 2 days ago <3 ! Freaky :D

Of course this is done for Halloween 
From little sugar :) 

A Cushion for a change ;)

Cute ,Simple horoscope cushion. Something different for a gift :)
Suitable for him/her as a birthday gift or an office/home welcoming gift!

Price Tag: 32    K.D
You can find it in Pink moon

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cake of the day !

I ordered these mini cup cakes from " Little Treats" 

What i love about them ? 
- Their cake is cute , colorful and light ;) 
- lovely for kids 
- I ordered by phone and they delivered it to my home 
- the staff their understand what u want " no need to suffer in explaining :P " 

Price Tag: 22 K.D 
50 mini cup cakes + Delivery 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wrapping of the day :)

Simple yet elegant :)

Wrapping Mania

More rings !

All Rings are from CLAIRS !
Price Tag: 2.750-4.250 K.D !
Lovely for a  gift for her or for your self ;) 

Clairs located in Airport - many co-op's- avenues 

P.s: fine i confess ! i'm a ring addict :"( ..

Something Personal

If you are looking for something special and personalized for a laptop or i-pad  i recommend " I Love Suzani" :) 
I ordered one my self :) it was a combination of suzani  fabrics and was personalized with my name ..

For guys u can ask for خام الغتزه ( she has different shades - the grey one is amazing!) and it comes out great if you personalize it with the name in arabic ! unfortunately i don't have a picture of it .

*Laptop Case
Price Tag: 20-25 K.D (depending on the pattern)
*I-pad Case
Price Tag: 15-20 K.D  (depending on the pattern)

For more info

P.S: Suzani is an embroidered tribal textile made in Central Asia

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lovely !

I can't get enough of rings ;) 

Price Tag: 8 K.D

Price Tag: 20 K.D

Price Tag: 8 K.D

I had a simler one from lebenon saying "Allah 5ayer 7afth" 
Price Tag: 8 K.D

Price Tag: 15 K.D

These are so cute for girls :) 

Price Tag: 8.5 K.D 

Price Tag: 11 K.D

Price Tag: 9 K.D 

For more info : 65814221
Or contact by Email

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wrapping of the day :)

For more info:

Cake of the day !

I could not resist posting this one ! zooqa el fekra for a BB addict :) 

*Via BBM , thanks Roro  ;* 

Haj Giveaways !

Are you going to the Haj inshalla this year? If so; are you looking for the perfect haj giveaway for completing this special ritual? Thoub Maryam is ready and here for creative & limited order giveaways custom made for you. Call now to order ahead of time! 90994500. حج مبرور و ذنب مغفور انشالله

Monday, October 11, 2010

Relax ;)!

What better then a spa voucher as a gift ;) that's what every one (him/her) needs to relax from our busy life ! everyone deserves pampering from time to time :) 
When it comes to selecting a spa voucher you have many options. My first pick is Banyn tree in Royal Hayat Hospital. Very elegant , private and relaxing. However their prices are a bit expensive. Also i hate being trapped in jabriya!it's always rush hour there. another choice would be Spa time . They have 2 locations in Muhalab and avenues . Their is a men spa as well in Muhalab :) . 
I Love their Neck bean bag ( or what ever it's called :P ) it makes a great gift alone or with a spa voucher or you can even add an oil burner and some relaxing oil essence :) 

It can be heated in the microwave :) 
Price Tag : 18 K.D 

Spa Gift Voucher 
Price Tag: Depending on the treatment you choose