Sunday, October 3, 2010


Lovely Rings 

Available @ Frock Boudior 

I like this one  Link ;) 

Prices 10-32 k.d

Really cute and trendy gift for Her 


  1. ya it's been there for a few moths now ;)

  2. i have a thing for rings

  3. they're way too pricy, all of their rings are from and their prices are almost twice the actual price or even more.

  4. i agree with anonymous, she actually triples the prices, i rather buy from directly, she has no business moral, she just copied & pasted a british website to Kuwait & also uses their pics!! that is crazy

  5. Anonymous: every thing is cheaper if you buy it from outside .. you should put in mind shipping and customs cost. i'm not defending the site or anything but every one has a choice to buy is from asos or the shop ;) thanks for the info :)

  6. hi

    True I agree with wrappingmania
    To buy items from abroad they have to undergo certain costs for posting and packaging abroad a swell as customs cost in Kuwait and the courier delivery cost to the customers so that is why there is an increase on there price in kd
    Think people ! Don’t Judge without thinking