Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Ring

Continuing my series of ring addiction her is a pick from Top Shop.
 It's a tea pot! so cute !

Price Tag: 5.500 K.D (as i recall :P ) 
Available @ Top Shop (avenues)

 A nice gift for Her , and you can add to it some other accessories available from a wide selection at top shop, put them all in a box and Wrap it personal ;) !


  1. Forever21 had sum ridicoulous collection of rings I cudn't ressist I got around ten on thursday :/ now the next mission is to look for a good box to display all the rings on the dresser :P

  2. Zaboo6a: i sow some cute display boxes in mubarikya :D

    Me Blogging: ana :) how m i doing :P ??