Friday, October 1, 2010

A New Blessing

My Lovely Friend M just gave birth to her cute baby 3azizan . So i decided to head to Pottery Barn kids and get some of their cute baby stuff and guess what they monogram them ! just to add that special touch to your gift ;)
I just <3 Pottery Barn , even when i don't need anything i just like to go & look around !
I wish i can make my house like Pottery barn :P  From there i chose  many stuff and decided to personalize the Quilt and the lamp baby towel wrap :)

Avenues - Phase 1

I asked the lovely "Suzani" to personalize me a bling bling car mug because Lovely M deserves a treat too :P i loved the result ! Thank you " I Love Suzani"

Price Tag: 18 K.D

Ofcourse Wrapping Mania handled the wrapping ;) wish i could post those cute yellow boxes with 3azizan pictures but i can't because they have his pictures on the wrapping ;)

Allah ya7fthk 3azizan o yaj3lk men el thorya el 9al7a :)

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