Sunday, August 28, 2011

Still looking for eid treats ? *updated*

   Price Tag : 35-37 k.d
    @ Hadeya Station

                 Price Tag : 35 k.d
                 @ Opera ( Salhiya - Qurtoba)

    Mini Marzipan cake 
    Price tag 5 k.d per dozen
    From Flavors Bakery 
   Tel : 55111120

Tempered By Mimi's
Price Tag 40 chocolates for 25KD, 60 chocolates for 35KD
Tel 67608144

Will update the post if i find something else ;)


HummingBird Cake

14 kd

Macarons Tower with Sugar Flowers
( 75 to 90 pc , depending on flower size )

40 KD

Cameos & Chocolates 
4-16 k.d per kilo depending on type

24 hours in advance
call 99515599

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cake of the day !

Loved the Details in the Cake ! so cute 
From a  little Sugar or call 99624433

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Dancing Necklace

Price Tag 35 K.D

A nice gift for eid for your loved ones :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Yard

I Loved these one of a kind Topsy-Turvey Plates ! 
Would make a great "New home gift" or even a birthday gift 
Would look lovely if u fill it with flowers , mini cupcakes or macrons !

Price Tag : 55 K.D 

Available @ The Yard 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Wrapping Mania

Wrapping Mania is 1 today :-) 

I want to thank all my followers ,readers, silent readers , family and friends for always supporting me !

Wrapping mania brought alot of blessings to me .. I got to know some wonderful people that become close friends :* El 7amdalah .. love u all :** 

On this occasion i will do a contest soon , so plz stay tuned ;) 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kavarati boutique

I got this e-mail from Kavarati boutique 

" I would like to introduce you and your precious blog fans to my unique and specialized bedding boutique . Kavarati is fully dedicated to baby & bridal receptions , where we can arrange  their special reception including beddings, sheets , pillows, cushions , mother gown , baby bed , baby bag, floral arrangements , and other accessories .  We do offer a V.I.P collection custom designed by special order with more luxurious materials. 
On the other hand , you can find ready made custom designs sets if time is an issue :) "

I think it would make a nice gift for newlyweds or a new home !
will pay them a visit soon to check them out :)

Tempered By Mimi

I believe that every person who finds his passion can create and give his best ..
I quote Mimi when she says "I have sold my soul to this profession, to this passion, I express myself through my food. I love how food brings people and loved ones together, creates memories, creates happiness. "

So i will leave you with some of her Tasty yummy delicious creations  <3 ..

Love the simplicity in packaging!

Milk hazelnut lattes

Milk bars with honeycomb ( milk and dark chocolate )

Moody caramel milk chocolate dolls

You got to agree that the pictures make u just droll ! and love the cute names ! 
My favorite was the first 2 

To know more about mimi check Ansam's Post here 

Mim's face book 

Mimi it was a pleasure meeting u ;)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

M@rch Designs

M@rch Designs at "White expo" in 360 mall  
starting from Sunday
Date:7th,8th,9th and 10th of Ramadan
Time: From 8:30 pm till 1 am

and some of my favorite t-shirts (My Own)
(sorry for the quality of pic's  :P )

For More info 
Call 99121690