Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tempered By Mimi

I believe that every person who finds his passion can create and give his best ..
I quote Mimi when she says "I have sold my soul to this profession, to this passion, I express myself through my food. I love how food brings people and loved ones together, creates memories, creates happiness. "

So i will leave you with some of her Tasty yummy delicious creations  <3 ..

Love the simplicity in packaging!

Milk hazelnut lattes

Milk bars with honeycomb ( milk and dark chocolate )

Moody caramel milk chocolate dolls

You got to agree that the pictures make u just droll ! and love the cute names ! 
My favorite was the first 2 

To know more about mimi check Ansam's Post here 

Mim's face book 

Mimi it was a pleasure meeting u ;)

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