Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Wrapping Mania

Wrapping Mania is 1 today :-) 

I want to thank all my followers ,readers, silent readers , family and friends for always supporting me !

Wrapping mania brought alot of blessings to me .. I got to know some wonderful people that become close friends :* El 7amdalah .. love u all :** 

On this occasion i will do a contest soon , so plz stay tuned ;) 


  1. Happy Birthday to ur blog dear & wishing u all the best in ur life :***

  2. كل عام وبلوقج بخيير
    وموفقه خير ان شاء الله

  3. happy anniversary wrappingmania:***** luv u ya a7la blog o blogger;**********

  4. Happy anniversary :) keep going girl

  5. happy anniversary my dear wishing u all the best i love ur work and i love u and i love ur passion for ur work
    keep it up girl
    mwafiga sis
    waiting for the contest :p ma3a enni adry killa 5asrana

  6. Swera: u were one of my 1st amazing customers ;****** same to u dear :*

    Anonymous: enti el a7la ;) :**************

    Newq8 Bride: Thanks love ;* and thanks 4 always supporting me ;)

    Al Noury: LOVE U MORE ;****** enshala u will win u never know :p

  7. Happy birthday kil 3am o wrapping mania ib 5air allah ewafgich inshala :)

  8. yeeeeeeeey congrats deaaar 3ugbaal 100000 year and more inshalla ;*

  9. eSalaam 3laikom

    Happy anniversary darling =]
    Keep up the wonderful job

  10. Happy birthday to ur blog ;******** wish u all the best

  11. Giggles: thaaaaaaaaaank U :-)

    3ateeja: thaaaanks love ;**

    Hope: 3alekom el salaam .. Thaaaaaaaaaanks Alot :-)

    Om 7amood: Thaaaaaaank U ;*******