Saturday, September 4, 2010

F2o Designs

I met Fatma in a Viva Course back in May .. she is very creative and so sweet too ! i love how she does her drawings .. She can even do u a special Customized design <3 :)
Here are some of her ready designs you can buy on line on Venyooo

Price Tag : 23 K.D

Price Tag : 23 K.D 
zooqa el weeh ghubra :P 

Price Tag: 30 K.D
This one i totally <3 
you can move the detachable square depending on you mood LOL

Check other Designs and Updates here

A great gift for her or him 


  1. LOOOOL e3jbtni el weeh gubra :p
    Good luck F2O and wrapping mania:****

  2. AMAZING !!
    I like F2O, i mean i'm starting to !
    tdreen , i LOVE ur audry-hepburn photo , can i get the same on a T-shirt ? ;)

  3. Hahaha :) well i do it as a wrapping ;) t-shirts is not my field .. but i will find out somewhere they do and will post it :)