Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lovely !

So CUUUTE ! I love it ! 
@ November
Tel: 97313310


  1. Thank u , but no more November for me
    They have embarrassed me many times with their poor timing and on more than one occasion neglecting my order (for both pick up and delivery)
    They are unapologetic and they really don't care what happens to you
    the least they can do is call and inform the person who HAS PERSONALY CAME AND MADE THE ORDER AND PAID IN FULL that they are unable to provide the order … 3aib 3alaikom November and I really hope u do not remove my post because its all true… keep it real sis …

  2. I will not remove the post don't worry ;) .. you have the right to say your opinion .. Personally i did not experience any problems with my orders so far except they refused to take some because of shortage of time!
    I hope November would apologies for you for what I’m sure it was not intentional :)
    Customer service I believe is the most important part of any business

  3. 7aadaaah yzaweq mashalaah !! dreamy colors