Friday, April 8, 2011

Fortune cookie

I visited Fortune cookie boutique today in olmpiya mall
i absolutely love the interior design , the sound track they put and their display ;)
some cute items i found that can be given as a new home or office welcoming gift !

Fortune Cookie
Olmpiya Mall

See Me Blogging post about them


  1. nice , thankx "")

    sorry, bs abii t'3lef '6rory
    dzet email w ma w9lnii rd ""(

  2. Skan elayl : I didn't get any e-mail from u wallah ! Make sure it's ;) I'm always answering my e-mail don't worry

    Nezhawya: ee I liked it a lot too 7ata lo ma sharety shy eywans etro7lena :p

  3. I love that shop , mashalah lazm 7g rmthan ma ashtree dresses elaa mnhom we kil keeps asking me :)

  4. i resend it w nshallah yo9al ")
    i'm waitting :)

  5. New Bride: ee mashalaa ;) wish them all the best

    Skon: we9al o a5eran :) el thaher enti kenti katbta ghal6 maybe :P