Sunday, July 3, 2011

AMA Traveler *Love*

One of the blessings wrapping mania brought to my life is getting to know alot of sweet magnificent people ;) ..
AMA Traveler is one of the special People i got to meet :) .. she became a close friend :* .. Love u sis ;) 
Let me introduce u to AMA Traveler ;) .. she writes about the places she goes in details ,shopping , where to stay and all u need to know about the places you are going to.
I guess the blog name talks about it's self !
if u want an adventure or new places her blog is the one ;) 
Every time she comes back of a trip she does a contest and i was lucky that she picked me to do her wrapping for her winners :D 
Hope you like them ..

For more info:

Just a Reminder we will be back on September enshalah ;)

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