Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Little Joy Shop

I just come across this kuwaiti online shop that like it's name brings u JOY !
I'm in love with almost everything on their site ;)
but most of the items i like are sold out :( , hope they re -stock soon 
i will leave you with some of my picks that would make a great gift
 for her or him who likes photography  ;)

Coffee mug-Canon

Price : KD 8.000

Sold out :(


Price : KD 7.000

4 GB

Telephoto Lens Kit-iPhone 4

Price : KD 14.000

 & for Cooking Lovers :)

Cupcake Kit
Price : KD 8.250

Cookie Stamper

Price : KD 3.000

again sold out :(


  1. Ohh thank you!
    We really appreciate this!

    We're adding new items almost every week.
    Feel free to drop by anytime and enjoy :D

    Loving the blog!


  2. Will be waiting :D
    Thanks 4 dropping by ;)