Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Autism Charity Bazar

Come and join us for a good cause ;) ..
How can u help ? 

- Come and bring your friends with you and your kids too .. 
- If you are a good cook or have a food business why not bring one of your famous dishes and donate it to " 6abaq al 5air" so it can be sold and profit will go for kids with autism ( anything would help don't under estimate  even a small dish :) 
- Buy some of the kids products to support them and make them feel proud and that they are part of us ;) ..
- Buy ( REACH) Pin for you and your friends and wear it on 2-4 
( Autism Awareness Day )
-If you are a blogger post about it :P 

Hope to see you there ..
Wrapping Mania will be there too ;*

For more info about autism --> Click  Autism Society 
To Contact Kuwait Center for Autism: 

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