Monday, February 14, 2011

Large Cookie

I went the other day to Baking tray with my friend ;) .. we went specifically to try out their cookies .. heard alot about them .. to be honest i didn't expect they were that good! they taste heavenly ! especially if u warm them a little .. they have a cute outdoor cozy setting. My favorite flavor was chocolate chip . My 2nd favorite was Tamer and Harda        (now i know it sounds weird but it really tasted great !). To make the long story short 
i came across -on twitter- that they make Large cookies for special occasions :D yaaay !
The heart shaped are special for Valentine's day ..
in normal days they would do it round shaped ;) 
It's a cute alternative to cake to celebrate your special occasions ! 

Pre order 1 hour only 
Price Tag: 4.500 K.D 
 Tel : 22251544


  1. حلو ماشاءالله ..

    اهو وين بالضبط ويوصل؟؟

    وحجمه مناسب صح؟؟


  2. a7laaa coookiiieees

  3. Roro: ee eywa9el u can call them ;)

    Noon: 7ada :*